I need volunteers to help install an art show. It is a traveling show that I was involved in at Oakland, ProArts Gallery. The show is called "Still Present Pasts: Korean Americans and the Forgotten War"...look it up. The show opens on 2/11 so I will need some volunteers to help build these installations. No prior experience needed. I just need bodies, two legs, two arms, and two hands with fingers (head optional). They will need people starting 2/6. I will be in San Diego because it is midterm time and I have to give exams and stuff but I will be there on 2/9 and on. The show is at the LA Art Core/Union Center for the Arts at 120 Judge John Aiso Street, in LA.

Viva La France!

You Belong in Paris

You enjoy all that life has to offer, and you can appreciate the fine tastes and sites of Paris.
You're the perfect person to wander the streets of Paris aimlessly, enjoying architecture and a crepe.

if i didn't worry about money...i would live there for five years. los angeles will always be my hometown. i like the weather, culture, but most of all my roots....i like them. i like them alot...i don't want to uproot. it is a place where i thrive. it is a place where i feel switched on. that is why i think that i will always return to los angeles.
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What type of writer are you?

You Should Be a Science Fiction Writer

Your ideas are very strange, and people often wonder what planet you're from.
And while you may have some problems being "normal," you'll have no problems writing sci-fi.
Whether it's epic films, important novels, or vivid comics...
Your own little universe could leave an important mark on the world!

Halloback Girl

After taking Song Coyote and the lovey Evil Mo to the airport, I sat down and turned on MTV as lately I have been every intrigued by some of the videos that are being produced. For example, has anyone seen Gwen Stefani's music video for "Halloback Girl?" There are many Asian-Americans in the video within the backgroup of what appears to be Alaheim High School (which is where she went to high school). The video had many references to "BANANA"... Fascinating, I thought. Is Gwen stating some subversive statement about the various social evocations of that word within the Asian-American community? I thought that perhaps there is some information on her website regarding the connection, but there wasn't. Surely, she would know what a banana is? Is this song her anthem of some sort that she is a banana? The word on the art scene is that the medium of video has become the new "in" media. Rich people are actually buying videos and setting up their LCDs with posh frames and putting them over mantles over fire places. For example, the owners of the Gap have a large collection of video art displayed in such a manner in their luxurious multi-million dollar home. After the envelops of history have closed, who will be remembered? The small time artists (like Rachel Jablo) who are only known to a small number of society at large (mostly intellectuals and artsy/fartsy types) or someone like Gwen Stefani. Hundred years from now, will Gwen be grouped with Barbara Kruger and Judy Chicago as one of the foremost postmodern artists? Her video fulfills all of the criteria especially with the social commentary to boot. Will it be as debated as Demoiselles D'Avignon? Will her video be the subject of a class? Two semesters ago, I had to endure two weeks of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video in my graduate seminar. I can make a short paper topic out of this and submit it somewhere but who would publish such a thing?

Anyway, thanks to ZQ for the uplifting and downright delightful talk this afternoon.

There ain't no halloback girl! Love, the egg
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the new year?

i didn't party last night...i just spent a quiet evening playing chess with my new love interest. i just didn't feel right to celebrate when so many people have lost loved ones (brothers, sisters, friends, parents...) in the tsunami and this war (especially when i think about all of the civilian deaths that are not reported), it just doesn't settle my conscious to celebrate. so twas a quiet evening.

it was wonderful to see you all during my break.
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but what about me

it seems that i've full of bright ideas for other people and they actually follow up on it and have great success. i've already give out two ideas for thesis for people in the art history department for which their proposal has already been approved by their advising professor; and gave job advance to my work-husband that lead to success but i sit here alone with NOTHING...i got nothing. just a zillion articles, papers, sources, books, and nothing in my head, nothing of my own. why don't people give me suggestions? am i that unapproachable? granted that in my seminars people go dead silent and have their pens in ready when i'm about to make a comment but i'm as clueless as they are (okay, maybe that's pushing it) but still,...i feel that the reciprocity of decorum should be addressed, don't you? okay, so here is what i have so far...i'm a-gonna start with a poststructuralist model of analyze the binary relationship between art and society during the Min Joong era then break it down via by own model which is a mix of neo-marxist and simulacra. sigh....yeah, i know it's rather hopeless. ... i'm gonna go bug the cat - my favorite sport is playing soccer with the cat. the cat is very responsive and always tosses the ball back to me so that i can toss it back to him. i think i should ask him about my thesis.
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fish out of water

i feel like a fish out of water
the new place, the new schedule, new way of has really been a long time since the college experience and it feels weird. i feel old - and not in a good way. i find the graduate lounge where the serious people go, aparently and that has become my new station. i found a new cafe where i can read and stuff but the chairs are all steel and makes my bones ache, plus there no friend that lives down the street from the cafe, so less warmth and more militant liberals and many signs for various waste. i still can't wake up my brain and i still have no job. i met a few people but they are all in blah blah blah.

i'm here

the drive itself was good.
i returned the uhaul today.
unpacked most of my stuff.
went to church.
went to ameoba.
played catch with my new favorite dog.
tomorrow...i dunno...
thank you ZQ and Mr. T for your made me feel warm and fuzzy inside...and kind of weepy too. i brought the compass that Mr. T gave is in my purse. thank you Mr. T!

it just doesn't get any better

i just found out last night that i've been had.
i secured a place in san francisco and have been paying rent since mid-may.
i found out that someone else is living there and this lady has been collecting two rent checks.
this also means that i will have no place to live...i find this out a week before the move...two weeks before orientation. uhaul is reserved, boxes packed...and i have no where to go. i'm really worried.